Services Offered

Outpatient Services

Laboratory Test (Single)

Outpatient Imaging

COVID-19 PCR      $200

Men's Health Profile*+      $175

CBC, CMP, Cholesterol Panel, Vit D,
Testosterone (Free/Total), PSA

Women's Health Profile*      $150

CBC, CMP, Cholesterol Panel, Vit D,
Thyroid Panel

Electrolyte Panel     $40

Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Magnesium,

Complete Blood Count (CBC)     $40

Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)      $30

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)      $40

Hepatic Panel (LFT)      $40

Cholesterol Panel*      $40

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)       $40

D-Dimer      $45

BNP      $65

Lactate Level      $35

Lipase      $60

Prothrombin Time with INR (PT-INR)      $35

Thyroid Panel     $50

TSH, Free T4

Testosterone, Total and Free+      $80

Testo, Alb, SHBG+

PSA     $40

Vitamin D      $40

Pregnancy Test Serum - Quantitative     $30

Urine Pregnancy Test- Qualitative     $15

Urinalysis - Routine (UA)     $20

Urine Drug Screen (10 Panel)     $55

*Fasting lab. Patients must be NPO; water only for 8 hours prior to testing.

+Recommended time of testing between 7:00 AM and 10:00 AM

General X-Ray     $60

CT Without Contrast     $200

CT With Contrast*     $300

CT Without and With Contrast*     $400

CT/MRI Angiogram*     $350

MRI Without Contrast*      $300

MRI With Contrast*     $400

MRI Without and With Contrast*     $500

Ultrasound Any Body Part - Non Pelvic/OB     $300

Ultrasound Pregnancy/Pelvic      $350

Same day results, Price includes scan and Radiologist Interpretation, images are provided upon discharge.

*Exams with contrast include IV placement and Kidney Function Labs (if indicated by ACR standards).

Tests that involve multiple body parts will be charged separately:

Ex: CT chest/abdomen/pelvis without and with contrast will account for 2 charges (CT Chest and CT abdomen/pelvis).

Insurance rates may be different than cash prices